Quiet Journeys Kit


Your Quiet Journeys Kit includes

~60 Minute Audio Stroll download and optional cassette, created by Jesse Sandwich from his personal record collection. Created with the intention of walking with headphones, listening while watering plants, or any other preferably enjoyable activity I hope these 60 minutes of sound help you as much as they’ve helped me. Much of the audio was recorded under the blue sky in a sunny Chicago back yard June of 2020.

One sustainably harvested cedar or cypress incense bundle. Raw materials provided by local plant wizard Exfoliabotanical. These bundles were hand tied by Jesse on a cool Monday morning in October. The sun was out again.

These are intended to be burned with purpose and intention for the moment. Not to be left unattended, please take time and consideration when using these tools. I urge you too look into the history of Cedar and Cypress as medicines as they have both been used globally for thousands of years.

One glass vial of Groundwater Healing bath/soaking salts.

Amy Terepka runs Groundwater Healing from Portland Oregon but I have known her since we were children growing up in Ithaca NY. We both spent our youth immersed in the land surrounding us, hiking, fishing, listening, exploring, and learning. I urge you to visit her website to explore her information regarding “Earth Medicine, Reconnective Healing, and Embodied Wellbeing”. https://www.groundwaterhealing.com

Tradescantia or pothos plant clipping from Inflorescence Chicago housed in an upcycled glass container.

Please visit Areaman_Chicago on Instragram for purchase info, quantities are limited.

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