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Areaman Chicago is a community project that strives to share accurate first hand accounts of DJs and producers from one of the most influential sources of dance music, Chicago. Reframing the concept of the pioneer is central in our goal and discussion. Many voices remain obstructed or unheard from the underground community of Chicago “house” music. The underlying theme throughout Areaman is to be a community conduit for underrepresented people, sounds, voices, art, bodies, and narratives which have been obscured by and from the larger mainstream narrative of dance music culture. Initial goals are to allow curators to explain their paths and stories in their own words and with their own music through interview-like discussions. Larger, more long term goals include organizing community events, releasing music, coordinating parties, creating merchandise, fostering mentorships and support networks for aspiring DJs, musicians, and creatives. In its purest form Areaman Chicago would exist within the community to boost and amplify this underground culture from within. Passing the torch of concept from interviewer to interviewee we can achieve a community of creatives outside the framework of traditional hosted entertainment radio. We can share the freedom which exists inside of a genre-less dance community, one that focuses on the content and community of the underground above the insubstantial and individual traditions of contemporary profit driven club culture. We are here to party. Together.



In addition to musical productions Areaman Chicago will be releasing a series of interviews with some of Chicago’s greatest DJ’s, producers and underground scene members so they can provide their input within the Chicago Dance Music Legacy. This archiving project is meant to share the rich history of Chicago dance music with the world. Listen below to our first interview with DJ Noshaluv Rime.


We take merch seriously. The below items are sourced from local artisans when they can be, highlighting some of our favorite artists and collaborators, and bundled up with a whole lot of love. Your support is so appreciated.



Purchase includes – 60 minute Quiet Journeys Volim 1 Audio experience

Hand tied cypress/cedar smudge stick

GroundWater Healing Energy Cleansing Bath Salt

Inflorescence plant cutting in glass home

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